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Our Mission

More987FM Radio is a part of the German-American Friendship Network (G-AFN) and will be the radio station to builds cultural and international understanding between Germany and the United States with information and music.
Because it is the media for serving Germanys & Americas finest.
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American TOP40 The 70s and 80s Number 1 Hits  (weekly update)

The History of the Cold War's Hottest Club Music in West Germany to shed light on the almost forgotten but massively influential GI Clubs where US soldiers went to get a taste of life back home.  

Just over 70 years ago the U.S. began a series of logistical feats, delivering humanitarian aid to 2 million people over 11 months when the Soviets blockaded land routes into West Berlin. With our Music compilation we are reviving this effort, known as the “Berlin Airlift”.


German - American Institutions

Interested in transatlantic relations?  You are an U.S. Service Member and being stationed in Germany?
That can be a great experience! Make use of the support and interesting programs provided by German
- American Institutions. Our long - lasting and valued German - American friendship is decidedly shaped by the countless personal interactions between U.S. service members and locals in the everyday life of communities.  view more interesting Institutions >>>


Radio App's

More987FM is available anywhere you happen to be!
Download a Radio App of your own choice to your device.

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